Utopia’s Kyle Greenberg on Distribution Approach, Marketing Campaign for “Holy Spider,” and Sundance

January 30, 2023

Five years since its creation, Utopia has managed to establish a niche releasing cutting-edge arthouse films and documentaries. Its success is apparent through Holy Spider, Ali Abbasi’s Cannes 2022 serial killer thriller and Oscar-shortlisted international feature film grossing $300,000 at the North American box office, and Meet Me in The Bathroom, the Sundance 2022 New York music scene documentary co-directed by Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern and Andrew Cross.

Utopia’s most recent endeavors include acquiring Anton Corbijn’s Telluride and Sundance selection Squaring The Circle (The Story Of Hipgnosis) about iconic rock album covers. It has also launched development, packaging and sales division Utopia Originals, partnering with All Things Comedy and Shout! Studio to produce Nicholaus Goossen’s upcoming ensemble comedy feature Drugstore June.

Kyle Greenberg, Utopia’s head of marketing and distribution, spoke to Screen Daily on the eve of Sundance. He discusses Utopia’s “genre-agnostic” taste, “curated” and “eventising” approach to distribution, adapting the “Holy Spider” marketing campaign to the shifting arthouse audiences, and recent Sundance success stories. 

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