‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ Scores Top Average Despite ‘Downton Abbey’-Fueled Box Office

September 23, 2019

Sony Pictures Classics' “Where’s My Roy Cohn?” earned this weekend's highest per screen average, topping the wide release of Focus Features/Carnival’s “Downton Abbey”. Opening on four-screens, SPC's Los Angeles/New York indie release grossed $42,364 for an average of $10,591. "Downton Abbey" grossed a per screen average of $10,068 on 3,076 screens.

Directed by Matt Tyrnauer, "Where's My Roy Cohn?" tells the story of the most controversial and influential American men of one of the 20th Century. Cohn was a ruthless lawyer and political fixer whose career ranged from chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the McCarthy trials to mentoring Donald Trump as a young real estate developer in Queens.

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